Simple and Easy Installation
Simple and Easy Installation

Co-people system consists of only a central mini pc and cameras connected to it. Mini PC positioned in the center is 10*8*7 cm in size. Only dome cameras are positioned in the store with different color options.

Central System Multi Camera
Central System Multi Camera

In the co-people system, there is a central mini pc where all the data coming from the cameras are processed and converted into statistics. In this way, analyzes can be made with a low-budget camera that can see the relevant area without providing a separate device for each analysis area.

Flexible structure that can work integrated with existing systems
Flexible structure that can work integrated with existing systems

It can process the information in its own pool by integrating with the people counting devices previously available, and provides extra efficiency in the transition to the new system without the need for an additional cost.

Remote Access and Instant Notification

You can access all statistics and analyzes about your stores from anywhere with an internet connection. The system also notifies the relevant persons via e-mail and sms for actions that require instant intervention, such as opening-closing the payment point.

Modular Reporting System

You can create separate reports of all analyzes and statistics about your stores, create your own personalized report page, and send these reports to the relevant e-mails periodically.

Required Number of Personnel Optimization

By arranging your personnel shifts according to the busy days and hours in the store, you can organize your personnel productivity with the most optimum durations possible.

User Authorization

In the Dashboard used, authorization can be limited for each administrator level and user.

GDPR and KVKK Fully Compliant

No transactions are made with any face or personal data of the visitors, all analyzes are carried out locally, and only anonymous statistical values ​​consisting of 1 and 0 are analyzed in the system.

Supported Languages

Turkish, English, French and German.

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